Tetris Turns 35

On June 6, 2019 Tetris turned 35 years old. To celebrate, I wrote my own version and posted it in my GitHub repo. No libraries. No frameworks. Just JavaScript. Those learning JavaScript might find a few lessons here!

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Tetris In The Dark I developed to celebrate 35 years of Tetris!

Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov and released on June 6, 1984.

The new Tetris logo was recently announced on June 6, 2019, the game’s 35th anniversary of the game. This image was borrowed from the Twin Galaxies article, a neat gaming site, check it out. The Tetris logo is copyright The Tetris Company, LLC with its headquarters Honolulu, HI.

So how do you make Tetris in 🍦 vanilla JavaScript from scratch?

No libraries. No frameworks. Just JavaScript and your coding fingers.

But why not put some visual sugar on it?

I got a bit creative and added Tetris In The Dark effect. Hopefully it will make this tutorial a bit less boring. Aside from this we’ll cover everything you need to know about putting Tetris together in JavaScript.

Tetris In The Dark.

Tetris is more simple to play than it is to make. When I started making Tetris I learned that there are several tasks I needed to complete in isolation. Namely they are animation, collision detection and the row-clearing algorithm.

This is what my version of the game looked like on my first try:



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