How To Install SuperAGI (quick guide)

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2 min readJul 4, 2023
How to install SuperAGI

Installing SuperAGI is easy!

I wrote this guide, so instead of copying it, I’m simply going to paste the table of contents from my other

Make sure you have Git and Python installed first.

How To Install SuperAGI On Your Computer

To Install SuperAGI, follow these steps:

Install SuperAGI on your computer and get started with this advanced AGI program often referred to as AutoGPT on steroids! Follow this tutorial for installation instructions and initial setup.

  1. Read the article carefully and follow each step.
  2. Note that SuperAGI is free to install but requires paid API tokens for usage.
  3. Install Git for command line usage.
  4. Set up Docker and upgrade WSL Kernel.
  5. Clone the SuperAGI Repository.
  6. Open the SuperAGI folder in Visual Studio Code.
  7. Rename config_template.yaml to config.yaml.
  8. Configure SuperAGI environment by entering API keys in config.yaml.
  9. Generate OpenAI API Key and add it to config.yaml.
  10. Obtain Pinecone API Key and add it to config.yaml.
  11. Acquire Google API Key for the Custom Search API and add it to config.yaml.
  12. Get Search Engine ID and add it to config.yaml.
  13. Build SuperAGI with Docker using the command docker-compose up --build.
  14. Access the SuperAGI interface at ‘localhost:3000’ in your web browser.
  15. Create your first SuperAGI agent by defining goals and selecting tools.
  16. Monitor your agent’s activity through the logs in Visual Studio Code.

Congratulations on installing SuperAGI and setting up your first agent. Explore its capabilities and push the boundaries of AGI. For further assistance, leave a comment below. Enjoy your SuperAGI experience!



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