A bird’s eye Vue: how to get started with Vue.js

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  • the application object
  • member methods and properties
  • and the actual view (this is where your HTML elements are).

Vue’s v-based HTML attributes

Boolean switches


let E = new Vue({
el : ‘#L’, // link to the id = "L" element
data : {
items : [
{ message : ‘One’ },
{ message : ‘Two’ },
{ message : ‘Three’ } ]}
<ul id = ”L">
<li v-for = ”item in items”>{{ item.message }}</li>
<ul id = ”L">

Building Applications

// Correct (notice the leading : before href attribute)
<a :href = "url" :title = "urltitle">{{url}}<a>
// Error (URl will not launch)
<a href = "url" :title = "urltitle">{{url}}</a>

Application Data

const sourceOfTruth = {}

const application = new Vue({ data: sourceOfTruth });

Vue Application object



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