VSCode Keyboard Shortcuts

Ghost Together
7 min readApr 19, 2021

Animation was created for each shortcut so it’s easier to understand without doing much reading. Commonplace shortcuts like Ctrl + C are same in most software and will not be mentioned.

1. Shrink or Expand VSCode Selection

Wait, what, we could do this?

I’ll kick this article off with an example of my most favorite keyboard shortcut in VSCode. This shortcut allows you to either expand or shrink selection around natural block scope checkpoints (see animation above.)

On Windows, hold Shift + Alt and use keyboard left and right arrows. On Mac it’s shift + control and the arrows. Left arrow shrinks selection, right arrow expands it.

This shortcut will stop at key points in your function block scopes. It will also stop inside your CSS style definition code and be mindful of opening and closing HTML tags. It helps you to intuitively do what you would have done using the mouse, which saves a lot of time if you develop a habit for using it.

2. Move VSCode Selection One Line Up or…



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